Conference Agenda

We are still cooking up the program for this year’s PDC. Check out some of the highlights from our past PDCs.

Tracks at PDC 2024

Product Scaling

Discover how strategic product scaling, with optimized efforts and resources, can turn your investments into remarkable returns.

Product Growth

Crafting an outstanding product is just the beginning. Dive into how retention can expand your user base and drive revenue growth.

Product Analysis

Unleash the potential of how data transforms ordinary decisions into extraordinary product experience through informed choices.

Product Strategy

Learn how strategic planning shapes excellent product outcomes, from inception to market domination.

PDC 2024 Agenda

25 June, Tuesday

25 June, Tuesday, 12:55PM – 13:25 PM

From Bureaucracy to Agility: Embracing a Product Mindset in Government

Prayudi Utomo

CPO, GovTech Edu

25 June, Tuesday, 10:30AM – 11:00 AM

Product Development Hacks for the Healthcare Industry

Gaurav Mundra

VP PM, IKS Health

26 June, Wednesday

26 June, Wednesday, 10:00AM – 10:30 AM

Overcome bottlenecks: Scaling your product infrastructure for growth

Norman Sasono

CTO, DANA Indonesia

Highlights From Past PDCs

The Uphill Battle To Make Magical Products

Yuhki Yamashita
CPO, Figma

Revolutionizing CX: Lessons Learned From Bank Jago

Irene Santoso
Head of Customer Value Management, Bank Jago

In Conversation With Philipp Kandal

Philipp Kandal
CPO, Grab

Growing in a Competitive Market: Lessons Learned From Vidio

Hadikusuma Wahab
CPO, Video

Tracks at PDC 2023

All sessions at PDC are organized into tracks to help you meet your learning objectives.
Merge interests from multiple tracks to create a uniquely personalized learning experience

Product Strategy

For product managers and strategists.

Uncover proven product strategies from industry leaders to scale ideas into world-class products.


For business owners and leaders.

Elevate your business to the next level with lessons from industry giants and business experts.

Data & Analytics

For product developers and data scientists.

Master emerging technologies and trends to help you gain a competitive edge.

Artificial intelligence

For people in AI.

Explore the latest AI trends and their impact on various industries, as well as future opportunities.

PDC 2023 Agenda

We’re still cooking up the program for 2023. In the meantime, check out what we covered in PDC 2022 to get a taste of what’s coming!
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PDC 2022 Agenda

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