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Vivien Ludovic Roggero
SVP, Senior Delivery Architect
, Mapan
Vivien Ludovic Roggero

With more than 10 years solid experience in development, product and project management, Vivien is a seasoned tech professional who is currently helping Mapan in growing its impact to more people in Indonesia, especially those who are mainly untouched by formal financial services.

He started his career as a product owner at a tech company in France, focusing in helping to grow its clients’ digital businesses. Vivien’s career journey ventured around the field of product and project management from one tech company to another, especially in the last years in the gaming industry where he deepened his expertise in the field.

When he’s not busy helping to build products, he likes to spend time with his family, reading, improving his skills in the art of gongfu cha or practicing martial arts. Vivien is also interested in personal development psychology, deepening his skills in coaching and helping charities.