Denny Santoso
CEO and Founder
Denny Santoso

Denny Santoso is known as a Digital Marketer Practitioner in Indonesia, he is also a serial entrepreneur which has several businesses (Jaya Sportindo (since 1999), Java Prime (since 2012), Digitalmarketing.id (2015-2019), Bonnels.id (since 2018) and Tribelio.com (since 2019)). Denny was the first Indonesian who received “Two Comma Club Award” from ClickFunnels by Russel Brunson in the US. His biography book entitled “Done Is Better than Perfect” has sold thousands since it launched in 2017.

As a practitioner, Denny has succeeded in creating billionaires in Indonesia by giving out his strategy in Digital Marketing which has a proven record of multiple revenues until 10x. One of his strategies was by building a list which is more simple and quite easy to do as a starter. By list building, Denny successfully sold 100 units of apartments that cost 10 Billion Rupiah each within less than 24 hours. He is currently building a new business by creating a Community Building Platform, called TRIBELIO, where it can help the Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Brands, etc., to grow business by maintaining the list and turning them into loyal fans to increase revenue.

Denny said to be successful in this Digital Era, we should be able to sell cause The Biggest Problem in Selling is You’re Too Focused on your OFFER! If You Want to SELL Something, Prove There is a DEMAND out there!

 - 12:00 GMT +8
 | May 13, 2020
How to Build Product that Suits Your Market Needs?
Virtual Talk
Product Marketing Track
Bahasa Indonesia

In this session, Denny shared about

  • How does he find the opportunity to see problems in the market and get the idea to create a product?
  • What kind of product marketing strategies does he use to market his product correctly to increase trust and repeat sales? (targeted and impactful)
  • What are the metrics does he use to measure whether his product suits the market needs?
  • Sharing best practices based on his 20 year experience in digital marketing

You can watch the recorded video here


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