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Carmen Oprea
VP Growth
, HappyFresh
Carmen Oprea

Carmen is the Vice President Growth at HappyFresh, South East Asia’s leading grocery delivery company. Carmen is responsible for delivering key product and business unit strategies though bold experiments across the entire customer experience that help HappyFresh make data-driven decisions and grow faster. Her scope of work includes areas such as personalization, machine intelligence, omnichannel, strategic partnerships, and product extensions. 

Prior to HappyFresh, she co-founded and led as COO, a marketing automation software for personalized e-commerce. Socital has been recognized as one of the leading enterprise tech companies by The Next Web and Alibaba and their intelligent algorithms are powering millions of personalized experiences from offices in London, Athens, and Dubai. Her previous work also includes being a partner and director of business development at, an enterprise software company that uses AI to streamline the interview process while reducing subjectivity.