Valerie Wagoner
Chief Growth Officer

At heart, Valerie is a founder and builder. Valerie has spent the past 17 years launching and scaling products and tech companies, including directly building and leading teams in 19 countries. Valerie is the founder of ZipDial which was acquired by Twitter. Valerie has conceived of, launched and led 5 other standalone products & businesses within tech companies in the Silicon Valley, India, and Southeast Asia.

Valerie has also made an impact at global scale at Twitter, leading teams focused on turning around and reaccelerating user growth. She was then on an entrepreneurial journey within a high-growth company, Credit Karma (acquired by Intuit), responsible for launching and scaling all products and businesses outside the US as their VP & GM of International. Valerie is currently leading Growth at GoPay where GoPay is empowering consumers as well as both offline and online merchants with digital payments and financial services, both within the GoJek ecosystem and broadly across Indonesia and Southeast Asia