Chrisna Aditya is one of the co-founder of eFishery who has a background in electrical engineering ITB. Before starting eFishery he was co-founder and CEO of Coollab, a startup that developed interactive digital media such as apps or games on mobile devices and multitouch table. With that background he has experienced and quite understands the process of developing hardware and software. He start eFishery in 2013 and became the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) that have responsibility for engineering research and product development. eFishery develop IoT (Internet of Things) for aquaculture industry which one of their product is automatic feeder for fish and shrimp that have a sensor and controlled by smartphone. eFishery’s product is a combination of electrical, mechanical, manufacture, software development, aquaculture science and data science. So in the process of development, they combine a lot of method and iteration. One of the challenges of eFishery faces is the customers in rural area. He has spoken to a lot of farmers to get insights how farmers using apps on smartphone.