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User Experience
Transforming Corporate UX Team & Process with Growth Mindset


Kapuas Stage


Day 1
Start : 14:15
End : 15:00

This session will be delivered in Bahasa. You will learn:

  • Please define the UX team & process in GDN before the transformation?
  • Why it is important to take a look at UX team transformation in corporate that is transforming digitally?
  • How do you transform the team & process? Any specific method or framework?
  • What are the challenges and how you overcome it?
  • What are the current condition for the UX team and the process happening?
  • How the new team & process impact the business & the company?
  • What other corporate need to consider when they want to transform the UX team & process?
Arnold Saputra
Arnold Saputra
Senior Manager UX