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Product Leadership
A Flashback Story: Bukalapak’s Product Journey


Main Stage


Day 1
Start : 13:30
End : 14:15

This session will be delivered in Bahasa. You’ll learn:

  • How does the speaker build product team, manage talents, and eventually manage bug scale team that can build Bukalapak product?
  • How does the speaker manage money/capital/budget in the early stage of product development until today?
  • How does the technology & technical strategy in the early stage until the product can accommodate & accelerate transaction for million users?
  • How do the founders react to the failure of a product or feature? And how to minimize the risk of a product or feature internally?
  • How do the founders see and create a strategy to balance business and product innovation?
Achmad Zaky
Achmad Zaky
CEO and Founder